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Men are so simple of mind, and so much dominated by their immediate needs, that a deceitful man will always find plenty who are ready to be deceived.

eneмy of rιgнteouѕneѕѕ

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                ❝And your little jabs are frankly reminiscent of a twelve-year-old.❞

Oh, lighten up, grandpa. When you’re as seasoned as I am, you do whatever it takes to feel young again.❞



              ❝Good to know.❞

       Ooh, stoic sarcasm, never seen this act before in my eons of living.❞

                                      ❝Your brutal shun of my attempt at a conversation starter has me heartbroken. Truly.❞

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                     “I reckon, she was the scariest of them all.” It’s a murmur, but it brings a smile to what were tense lips, and from them eases out a breath he’d been holding for too long now.


              There’s a reason Jonas, someone still wary of simply knowing Lucifer, the man so magnificent he was named the Morning Star, carries on, without trepidation. There’s a reason he can mop up the blood trails with his own shirt, despite the gaping wound staring him in the eye. There’s a reason, that once he’s done, he leaves the shirt to floor behind his company, to catch any more blood that may pool. He does, he can, because as much as he does not want to, he isn’t afraid to die. He isn’t afraid to be hurt. He isn’t afraid to care for people that could make him want to die.

              And yet most of all, he does it because he’s been here, well not in specifics, but he’s been vulnerable like this. That’s also why once he’s done, he sits off to the side, the other’s backside no longer in his line of sight.

                     “I doubt either of us are drunk enough to talk about our feelings, so let’s not. However, I do nominate an alternative; food.

                      Feral eyes soften after a few moments after Jonas’ finishes up, instead settle for their usual, calm, saxe shade. Admiration seeps into them, pooling there like the red that had pooled beneath him.

               "Fridge, or phone? I have a few takeaway brochures in the kitchen, and — .. a few shirts I can spare. Feel free to keep them, too, as a sort of — .. uh, thanks. I never was good with putting the actual words into a redeemable sentence." 

                    Deciding against standing for now, he gestures halfheartedly at a packet of Mayfairs, which drift lazily into his palm, seemingly of their own will. After taking one for himself, lit by will alone, he sets it close to Jonas as an offering. “Clean yourself up if you want to. Bathrooms around the corner. I should probably.. tidy up.” 



 brows furrow, as a scowl
 clawed its way upon rosy lips.
 ” —- oh, you decided that i’ve stopped
   my sulking? i see ” squint. 
            ” fine. then what do you propose
   we do instead ? “

               " .. are you implying that you haven’t?
               in that case, I propose that you grow
               up, and realize there are things I must
               attend to that surpass you.”

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